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800mg CBD / 30mL 

Relax & restore with Full Spectrum Hemp CBD and a blend of calming herbal extracts (Ashwagandha, Lemon Balm and Passionflower)


Broad Spectrum CBD Oil (ZERO THC, sourced from organic, sun-grown, US hemp), Organic Ashwagandha Root Extract, MCT Oil, Organic Black Seed Oil, Pure + Organic Maple Syrup (locally sourced down the street from our hemp farm at SweeTrees Maple Farm, 4mL per 30mL bottle – less than .5g sugar per 1mL serving).


For general good vibes, balance, mental clarity + wellness use smaller doses (1/2 dropper). When using for anxiety or pain relief, larger doses (full dropper) may be better.

For more details on CBD and TONIC click HERE to visit their FAQ page.

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name: brittany carbon 

location: new york city, ny

Instagram: @tonic_cbd


why i love tonic

tonic is the second cbd TINCTURE that i've tried and it may honestly be the last (that is why it is the only one on this site). it. is. so. magical! It saves me every morning before my stressful commute to work, before i go on a run, when i need to get a good night of sleep, and even when i just feel like shit tonic calms me. i really don't understand how i was getting by without it...

What are you inspired by?

I am constantly inspired by nature. It sounds cliche but there are these little miracles around us everyday if we notice and when we open our eyes to how amazing nature is we start to realize that that’s where the answers lay. Making the connection between human nature and the physical nature around us is something that has always been an important theme in my life.

What made you decide to create your own business?

I started TONIC out of my own necessity to cope with anxiety and help my energy levels. I was a personal trainer with crazy hours so I couldn’t risk feeling drowsy, which was an effect of a lot of the options out there. As a health coach I had experience with a lot of different supplements and Ashwagandha was one that always stuck in my routine because I felt like it did a lot towards making me feel better mentally and physically. Then I tried CBD and fell in love with the results. I realized that CBD had a lot of similar adaptogenic qualities as Ashwagandha so I decided to see if by combining the 2 the results would be compounded. That is exactly what happened. The combo of CBD+Ashwagandha helped relieve my anxiety, level out my mood & energy levels, recover better from my workouts and get a better night’s sleep. I knew I had to share this with the world, so TONIC was created with that original blend of CBD+Ashwagandha, which is why that is known as our “OG” blend.

How did you fall into the cannabis industry?

Since high school I have used cannabis (enthusiastically) for both recreational and healing reasons. It was always a dream of mine to be involved in the cannabis industry, but something I really thought of as a pipe dream (no pun intended). After my experience using CBD and witnessing first hand how life changing it could be - and it was legal and non psychoactive - I saw this as a much more accessible way to bring the healing miracles of cannabis to the masses.

What do you wish for the future of the cannabis industry?

My hope is that the stigma is removed from cannabis; that the preconceived notions of cannabis users is overwritten by our massive successes and positive contributions to society.

How do you use CBD in your everyday life?

I use TONIC OG in the morning right before my coffee to set me out on the right foot for the day. If I am having a particularly stressful day I will have another dose or 2 throughout the day, or if anxiety is really bad I will take half a dropper of Chill (it can make me a little sleepy if I take too much during the day). I always have a full dose of Chill in the evening a couple hours before I go to sleep just to help me calm my mind and settle down for the night.

CBD is also my savior during that time of the month - I use the chronic roll-on throughout the day along with a couple of sublingual doses to relieve cramps and balance out my mood.

I also use the topicals - usually warrior - to help with soreness and general muscle tension

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