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size: 13 x 19


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name: debbie carlos

location: michagan

Instagram: @debbiecarlos


why i love debbie

debbie's photography and her ceramics share the same story and that is why i chose to carry both here on shaw. Her vision is clear, minimal, striking yet soft and serene. her work is wonderfully playful and brings a sophisticated approach to child like SILHOUETTES. Hey, just because we're adults doesn't mean we have to grow up... 


What are you inspired by?

So many things. Art, Plants, Color, Architecture, Everyday life.

Currently, I’m obsessed with looking at buildings by Luis Barragán (read this great New Yorker piece about how he became a diamond) and pictures of Georgia O’Keeffe’s home & studio in Abiquiú, New Mexico.

Who is/are your favorite artist(s)?

Uta Barth was the first photographer that had a major influence on my work. Hers were the first images that I experienced that dealt with the everyday, the soft, and ephemeral. I thought it was so beautiful and struck a big emotional chord in me.

Other major photography influences are Rinko Kawauchi, Laura Letinksy and William Eggleston. I remember going to see an Eggleston retrospective a number of years ago and walked out of the gallery feeling so validated.

I also love the work of Paul Klee, Magritte, Georgia O’Keeffe, Henri Rousseau, Haitian painter Philomé Obin and Philippine artist Arturo Luz.

What is your favorite medium and why?

That is a difficult question to answer for me since I officially work in two mediums and two that are quite different from each other. One is more of a mechanical/digital process and the the other is very messy, tactile and analog and I love being able to switch it up.  

My background in photography makes it the medium I am the most comfortable with and the one in which I have the most knowledge. Ceramics is a bit more new to me, only having added it to my studio practice within the past few years. I still have so much to learn & some days I still feel like a such a beginner, but that makes it more exciting to me. 

What gets you in the mood to make art?

Traveling always gets my creativity going. My senses are heightened by the new flora, new shapes and sometimes even the color & the intensity of the sunlight. I go to museums with art & objects I’ve never seen before. I find myself shooting more and want to create and play with new forms inspired by these strange environments. 

words by debbie carlos shared with maya shaw 

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