meet Hilary of opalite variety


the perfect mini ash tray for all your ashy needs. hand made and painted by opalite variety. puff, puff, pass my friends.

(because this item is hand made measurements are approximate and color may vary)

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name: hilary - joyce arellano

location: TORONTO, oN

Instagram: @opalitevariety


why i love hilary

to simply put it, hilary's work is precious. the size of her PIECES fit in the palm of your hand and they make you want to SQUEAL (at least they make me SQUEAL, SQUEAL if you like hilary's creations!). hilary is playful and wonderfully shy, her personality shines in her work! She celebrates herself through her art and i like that a lot. :-D


What are you inspired by?

feelings :)

Who is/are your favorite artist(s)?

I'm still entranced by Solange and all the intent she's put into her legacy.   

What is your favorite medium and why?

At the moment I'm trying to teach myself how to be happy with imperfection through hand building the jankiest clay forms. And I really like where its going. 

What gets you in the mood to make art?

For me that's a mood in itself. Which is probably detrimental to the pace/progress of it all. 
But that Holy Trinity of ideas blooming, having the momentum, and being excited about removing-myself-from-this-world-so-I can-focus-on-doing-a-thing needs to channel through me.

It's cosmic purpose. I allow my produced works to catalouge themselves as an era within me. Maybe its a feeling I wanted to do more with, a style of doodling I enjoyed doing, or a principle I tried to recreate- it's all within.

words by hilary-joyce arellano shared with maya shaw 

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