Meet Jenny of Sister Ceramics

White Mini Bong Pipe

hold the h2o, pass me the mini bong pipe.

About 3.5 inches tall. made with food-safe glaze and ceramic. :)

Handmade by Sister Ceramics.

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name: jenny

location: taos, nm

Instagram: @sister_ceramics


why i love sister ceramics

the very first time i saw one of jenny’s mini bong pipes i slid so fast into her dms and, she shared that she was about to do the same thing. the law of attraction I tell you. her work has such an elegant south western vibe that i appreciate. i feel like i should be sitting in a chic folding chair in el cosmico using one of her pipes… and to be honest, I just might get on that!

What are you inspired by?

Comedy, the imagined details of my friends’ lives, Taos (where I live), shapes and colors in architecture and folk art.

Who is / are your favorite artist(s)?

Right now it’s the artist duo Peter Fischli and David Weiss. They’re Swiss artists, and their work carries this, I don’t even know how to say it, like art that is aware of itself. Art that is laughing at itself but also filled with sincerity and feeling. 

What is your favorite medium and why?

Clay ~ I’ve always been a tactile person and I love getting messy. Clay also taught me a lot about patience, and I appreciate that. 

What gets you in the mood to make art?

God, if only I had a specific formula! Mostly if I wake up early and drink my tea outside I’ll be in the mood to make art right away. This winter though, I’ve been sleeping in and scared to leave my warm house. Some days it’s 1º when I wake up! 

What do you wish for the future of the cannabis industry?

Oooo, what about a cannabis spa? Like with CBD massages and soaking tubs, a smoke room, and different cannabis treatments? Give me an excuse to chill in a robe all day!

How do you use cannabis in your life? 

I switched to CBD for flight anxiety and it’s been incredibly helpful. I used to take xanax or ativan to fly but bad things started to happen. Once I left my wallet on the plane, once I didn’t realize there was still xanax in my system and blacked out drinking at a wedding! I’d always be kind of out of it for my first day of vacation. Now I just take a CBD gummy or tablet and feel chilled out enough take off. 


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