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Large Circular Pipe
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Passes as decor, and easy to pass. Elevate your space and spirits with a pipe that doubles duty as minimalist decor.

made with food-safe glaze and ceramic.

hand made by mimi ceramics.

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name: mica demarquez

location: portland, or

Instagram: @mimi_ceramics


why i love mimi

when i first spotted mica's art on sight unseen i IMMEDIATELY fell in love. her work is personal, artful, fun, unique and so, so exciting. when asking mica to create pipes for me she initially sent me a few sketches that blew my mind. now those sketches are reality and her work CONTINUES to amaze me. i own the MACARONI pipe and y'all, it is one of my most favorite things i own, no lie... 


What are you inspired by?

Architecture, mid-century visual art, and lots of modern and graphic painters. I have a strong place in my heart for really experimental work, and I think that can subtly show in my work. I also like to make functional pieces, but veering from the standard forms you usually see... I love a mix of practical and sculptural.

Who is/are your favorite artist(s)?

Honestly my favorite artists are the people I'm surrounded by in the community. I'm lucky because Portland is a plethora of amazing artists of many different mediums, and everyone seems to be super supportive of each other. My closest friends are all artists and my house is filled with their work. Jess Ackerman, Ashley Hardy, and Lane Walkup are just a few to name. 

What is your favorite medium and why?

Clay! I've dabbled in a lot of different mediums, even went to school for fashion design. But pottery is the one thing that really stuck. I felt a freaky attachment to it from the moment I started, which was very different from everything else I had worked with, and that feeling is what has kept me with it. 

What gets you in the mood to make art?

Usually just the need to clear my head, it's my safe space. It's honestly therapeutic, and just not in the calm, meditative way I thought it would be. With pottery you're slamming huge lumps of clay around, using a lot of strength to center and pull up the clay, getting your hands messy. It's gets stress out, and it's awesome! I start working and all my troubles go away for a while. 

words by mica demarquez shared with maya shaw 

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