SHAW. is a curated online lifestyle shop featuring limited edition goods crafted by womxn, intersexual, queer, trans and non-binary ARTISANS.

The Story.

SHAW. is founded by Maya Shaw based out of Brooklyn, NY. Maya was in search of elevated smoking accessories that were artful, fun, and most importantly, hand made. The search for a one-stop-shop fell short and thus Shaw. was created. All of the items featured in the shop are handcrafted by womxn identifying. artists to create a space for sisters to support sisters.

To note: at shaw. we understand that from time to time feminism leaves out trans,queer,intersexual and non-binary people. we are a stand in insuring that everyone searching for equality and justice is included in our family - not just womxn.

Give back.

1% of each sale is donated to the Drug policy alliance - a non-profit fighting to end to the war on drugs and the social injustice in the cannabis INDUSTRY. 

P.S. music is mad IMPORTANT - i suggest visiting the site while listening to minnie riperton 'perfect angel'



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I see weed being legalized for recreational use in New York in about 4 years or less. I see the rest of the country catching up slowly. What I hope is that states can recognize that the legalization of this plant means tax money that can solve issues.… I want people to see the bigger picture and I want people to think for themselves and not what they have been conditioned to think. I have powerful hopes for the future and it is up to us- the consumers, the growers, the business owners to fight and to continue to be a stand for what we believe is right.
— Maya Shaw : Founder of SHAW. BK